Dynamic vs Speedmaster Mark III - If Mods & Rockers wore Omega

1968 Omega Dynamic

If Mods spent their money on anything other than putting mirrors on their Vespas, they might sport the hip 1968 Omega Dynamic.

Omega describes the elliptical casing as "results from an advanced study of the anatomy of the wrist". Bright wide striped bullseye dials, minimally graphic markers, brushed Monocoque stainless steel case, hermetically sealed crystal, self-winding movement and famously fitted with single piece corfam bands that appear to go through the watch case. Straps are usually pierced with 30 aerating holes; widened near the case to fit firmly and comfortably on the wrist. Crown integrated to the case in order not to break the aerodynamic line which inspired this famous model's name.

Multi-color Dynamic bands for alternate styling

I think any self-respecting Rocker would love to slam this 1972 Omega Speedmaster Mark III over the head of an unsuspecting bloke. Born from the original "Moon Watch" Speedmaster watch series, this was the biggest of them all. Sitting like a volcano on your wrist, this brute stands bolder than any other vintage chrono I've come across.

1972 Omega Speedmaster Mark III

Of course I'm taking liberties with the years of the Mod/Rocker conflicts of the early sixties but just suppose these kids grew up a little, made a few bucks and then were able to afford these...Does that help?