German Watches at Watchismo - Aeromatic, Botta, Defakto, Haffstreuner, Ingersoll, Rebosus, Retrowerk, Uhr-Kraft & UK German Design!

From the very minimalist designers at Botta & Defakto to the complicated über machines of Uhr-Kraft & Aeromatic, you're sure to find something very unusual and for a great price.

Many are mechanical & automatic timepieces and even more are already discounted allowing you to get more than 50% off many styles.

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DEFAKTO Automatic One-Hand Watches of Germany

The idea is to display the time with the minimum information while being exact as needed

Defakto EINS Designed by: Raphael Ickler - Pforzheim, Germany

"The single-hand principal emphasizes this intention with only three indexes are placed between the full hours on the face - quarter, half and three-quarter. Between each full hour lies space for estimations and after a short familiarization, one is able to read the time very intuitively. Thereby the hollow-milled hand helps to lead the eye to the actual time. So my target was not the conservative watch enthusiast who gets pissed if the clock is one second late a day, the watch is designed for people who do not count every second, for people who feel free to live beyond these rules.

Each Retrowerk watch is a combination of German craftsmanship, Swiss mechanical movements and the best of Steampunk artistry. Watches from the depths of Jules Verne imagination to the heights of eccentric horology! A truly amazing collection of Steampunk watches which will be sure to be noticed! Offered in both quartz and Swiss automatic versions.

Ingersoll watches feature exposed mechanical automatic watches with surprising functions from retrograde date, power reserve meters and moonphase indicators. Ingersoll's rich history began in the United States in 1880 and became one of America's most classic watch companies creating their famed Dollar and Yankee watches.

Haffstreuner, Tauchmeister, Rebosus & Aeromatic wristwatches and chronographs are intended for only the most daring of watch enthusiasts - Men and Women who want to stand out of the pack with solid chunks of horological steel on their arms. Their size is matched by the quality German precision, Swiss Accuracy, and American Testosterone.

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