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The First Ever 60% Discount

Retrogadget concept watch pioneer 'Click Watches' have ingeniously re-appropriated 'retro-tronics' into entirely new ways to showcase the time.
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Click Watches On Sale

Click DIP-Switch Black/Black Ribbon
The Click Dip Switch Watches are reaching back into the glory days of electronics.
If you look at the circuit boards of an 80's arcade game, you'd find these Dip Switches. This type of switch is designed to be used on a printed circuit board along with other electronic components and is commonly used to customize the behavior of an electronic device for specific situations.
Click Turn Silver/Black Steel
Click Shower Black2
Click Shower LED Black (also Gold & Silver)
Click Shower LED Watches: A radial brushed dial of solid stainless steel has the high design aesthetics of a vintage Bang & Olufsen turntable but this original timepiece has a mystery of time revealed in rows of Night Rider-styled bright red or blue LED lights.
Click Keypad (Hidden Time) LED Watches
Keypad Watches are ridiculously awesome & awesomely ridiculous!
Calculator, number pad or digital lock? It's a Keypad watch you've never seen before. Even though you think you know how it should work, think again. Perfect for killing time especially for those professionally trained.
Click Safe Watches
Can you unlock the time?
The Click Safe Watch - time is unlocked by pressing the zero to display a sequential flashing of led bulbs in corresponding keypad buttons. Time can be displayed in 12 hour or 24 hour function.
A number pad set into an angular steel casing with no distinguishable display is a very cool way to show the time...
Click Wall Switch Watches
The entire Wall Switch Watch is one giant light switch, flip up or down to see the time and date. The display is hidden the rest of the time but when flipped, the time illuminates from below.
Click Arcade Button Watches
Arcade aficionados unite!!! Relive those high scores and "Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right A B Select Start" from your childhood and get your video game on every time you check the time. This Arcade Button watch has an Easy to Read Red LED that displays when you press the button. Just like the arcade games of yesteryear, the button is made of high gloss space-age polymers (i.e. Plastic). Let your inner nerd out to play!


New Skagen Watches - Holst, Hald, Ancher and Grenen - Perfect Danish Designs...


Thin is In! New Designs From Denmark

Simplicity can take a powerful form, one which never compromises on the overall shape of an object or an idea. Skagen has recently revamped their core collection, now, more than ever, true to their Danish aesthetics -- just take a look, a picture is worth a thousand hours!
See All Skagen Watches or see the latest releases below:
Skagen SKW6171front
Skagen SKW6171 Hald Black Mesh
Skagen SKW6175front
Skagen SKW6175 Hald Steel Mesh
With its striking architectural design, the Skagen Hald watches (above) appear to levitate above its handsome heavy gauge stainless steel mesh straps. Recessed within a steel case measuring 40 by a slim 8 mm is a clean dial with numerals marking the hours and subtle strokes at five-minute intervals.
Skagen SKW6162front
Skagen SKW6162 Ancher Navy Blue Perforated Strap/Stainless Steel Case
The Skagen Ancher Collection celebrates the art of minimalist design and function at its best. The simple, clean design of the Ancher provides the versatility that makes its styling timeless.
Skagen SKW6163front
Skagen SKW6163 Ancher Steel Mesh
Skagen SKW6164front
Skagen SKW6164 Ancher Steel Mesh/Navy
Skagen SKW6172front
Skagen SKW6172 Holst Steel Mesh
Skagen SKW6176front
Skagen SKW6176 Holst Multifunction Brown
Tailored in detail, timeless in design: the Holst works for men and women alike. Its case a slim 6.5 mm thick, this classic dress watch for men is tastefully low-profile. Recessed into the brushed steel 40-mm case is a clean matte-finish dial with fine strokes marking off hours and minutes. Two inner subdials display day and date. A thick mesh band with fold-over clasp or supple leather strap conforms perfectly to the wrist.
Skagen SKW6161front
Skagen SKW6161 Grenen Multifunction Brown/Navy
Skagen SKW6160front
Skagen SKW6160 Grenen Brown/Navy
The Grenen watch was designed with smooth curves and a large 41-mm case with a slim 8-mm profile. Refined details like clean numerals at the even-hour marks. The inner dials (featured left) at the 6, 9, and 12 o'clock positions track day, date and 24-hour time.


One Time Only. 40% Off. All Welder Watches

Welder-40off-Email2  1

Your Invitation To Save Up To $500

The First & Only Welder Blowout Event

While they last, use the code WELDER40 at checkout for 40% off the entire Welder collection at Watchismo.
Powerful and stylish time machines from famed Italian U-Boat watch designer, Italo Fontana and they've never been available for such a discount at Watchismo (and they never will again!).
We don't mince words here, this is the only time we'll offer prices this low for Welder watches and supply is very limited.
Find the perfect one HERE or checkout these highlights:
Welder K24 3603 Distressed Black Chronograph
81utiOpeOVL. UL1500
Welder K29 8000 Triple Time Movement
WELDERK45 2701 3i4sx 1FULL
Welder K45 2701 Black Ops Chrono
WELDERK45 2702 3i4sx 2FULL
Welder K45 2702 Steel/Black Ops Chrono
Welder K29 8004 Triple Movement Black Green Camo
Welder K22 901 Blue/White XL 50mm Dimensional
K38 700LB
Welder K38 700 Chrono Shocker Steel/Red/White
K37 6500 a
Welder K37 6500 Triple Time Movement Steel Red
Welder 7100 K28 Shock-Absorbing Chronograph
K34 2001part
Welder K34 2001 50mm Black Yellow


Meet The Nixon Ranger & Other New Nixon Watches Now Available


Take a Peek

New Nixon Ranger & More

Texture, Color and Style. Three of the most appropriate words to describe the new additions to some of the most popular styles including the 48-20 Chronograph, Diplomat, Sentry, Time Teller and brand new release of the Nixon Ranger collection.
The photos really say it all, see each new release below...

Or See All Nixon Watches Here

Lead the charge.
Some of us are born to wander; The Nixon Ranger is designed with this in mind. Its rugged construction and rotating bezel are inspired by military field instruments to keep you on time no matter how far you roam. And its solid stainless steel band makes an easy transition from off-the-trail to on-the-town.
Nixon A508001front
Nixon Ranger Leather All Black
Nixon A506632front
Nixon Ranger SS All Gunmetal
Nixon A506000front
Nixon Ranger SS Black
Nixon A508019front
Nixon Ranger Leather Black/Brown
Nixon A4861956front
Nixon 48-20 Chrono SS Dark Copper
Scaled to fit any situation, The 48-20 is the alternative to the norm. Inspired by speed and torque measuring instruments, this wide eye chronograph watch is meant to leave hearts racing, a nod to watch aficionados as to what’s under the hood.
Nixon A3632001front
Nixon 48-20 Chrono Leather Rose Gold/Brown
Designed to look good at any speed, The 48-20 Leather takes bold styling queues from racing instrumentation and adds a rich, well-traveled leather band. With chronograph accuracy to 1/20th of a second this serious timekeeper only looks like an easy rider.
Nixon A2691958front
Nixon Diplomat GMT Copper/Saddle Brown
Good looks and smarts together, the Swiss dual time GMT movement allows you to tell time in two locations at once. Featuring a NATO style Horween leather band with custom stainless steel roller bar keepers and a custom solid stainless steel buckle, The Diplomat can take you around the world without losing track of where you came from.
Nixon A0451957FRONT
Nixon Time Teller SS Copper/Navy
An original Nixon design, The Time Teller is a tried and true crowd favorite. The Time Teller's clean lines cut through cloudy philosophy, while its simple, high concept design keeps things precise.
Nixon A0452001front
Nixon Time Teller Rose Gold/Gunmetal
Nixon A0451938FRONT
Nixon Time Teller Steel Black/Navy
Nixon A1052001front.1
Nixon Sentry Leather Rose Gold/Gunmetal
While it's true that you never know what is going to happen, The Sentry covers most of the bases, providing protection from most everything that could happen within the seconds, hours, days, weeks, and months of the regular calendar. It's your won't-quit, always obedient, ever-watchful, and timely guard against mayhem. Unless otherwise ordered.
Nixon A3771938front
Nixon Sentry 38 Leather Black/Navy Blue
Nixon A3771957front.1
Nixon Sentry 38 Leather Copper/Navy Blue
Doing more with less. The inspiration for The Sentry 38 Leather, comes from the movement towards making an impact with understated size. Scaled down, this watch displays bold dials and a distinctive look with subtle proportions.
Nixon A3772001front.1
Nixon Sentry 38 Leather Rose Gold/Gunmetal
Nixon A3771524front
Nixon Sentry 38 Leather Blue/Brown
Nixon A3461956front
Nixon Corporal SS Dark Copper
Nixon A2432001front
Nixon Corporal Rose Gold/Gunmetal/Brown
The new stainless steel Corporal SS (left) takes command. Stripped of all but the essential function of keeping true time, the Corporal SS distinguishes itself as a leader. The strategic blend of high-caliber construction and disciplined design result in a forceful display of superior style.
The Rose Gold Corporal (right) is a watch that's functional and rugged. With a Horween leather, stainless and enamel case and a no-fuss, modern design, it's tough enough to see you through your most hardcore assignments - and good enough to sport off-duty.